Saturday, November 27, 2010

When are we to old for video games.

I must we are never to old for video games. Cause I just brought the new Michael Jackson the Experince for the Wii it is the best it is like having him all to myself. I am a big MJ fan until the day I died. Is the anyoneels with me on that. We also have the xbox 360 getting the kinet for it.


  1. Hi Danyell,
    How are you and how was your Thanksgiving. It is true, Wii is the best and very addictive. I used to play games on it all the time but unfortunately I don't get the time to play any more. I have to try the new Michael Jackson game. I bet it's lots of fun.
    Have a great one.

  2. Hey Fariha

    My Thanksgiving was cool just visited family and ate, laugh. How was yours? Yes you have to play that game me and my daughther was having a ball. And the Dj Hero for the xbox 360 is great too.